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Silver Sputtered Foam

Silver is a commonly used catalyst in industry, mostly in selective oxidation reactions, widely used in oil and natural gas and other chemical industry productions, such as methanol oxidation to formaldehyde and ethylene glycol, ethanol oxidation to acetaldehyde, acetic acid, n-butanol oxidation to n-butanal, propylene direct oxidation to acetone, ethylene direct oxidation to ethylene oxide, etc. The foamed silver products and silver sputtered foam we provided are produced by continuous electrodeposition with polyurethane soft foam as base materials. They have the characteristics of high porosity, large specific surface area, uniform structure and good mechanical properties, and are suitable for use as industrial catalysts. Contact us for the price.

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Silver Foam (1)

  • 3-dimensional through-hole structure, uniform skeleton structure;
  • high PPI > 96%;
  • specific surface area over 0. 6 m2 / g;
  • tensile strength of 0. 72 ~ 0. 75 MPa.

Silver Foam (2)

The mechanism of silver foam catalyzed ethylene oxidation to prepare ethylene oxide is as follows:

Silver Foam (3)

The mechanism of foamed silver catalyzing methanol oxidation to formaldehyde is as follows:

Silver Foam (4)

Schematic diagram of a diversion support silver foam catalyst bed:

Silver Foam (5)

Practical engineering application of silver foam catalyst:

Silver Foam (6)


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