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3D hydrogen cathode

Hydrogen energy is an ideal clean energy. Hydrogen production by water electrolysis is one of the most important hydrogen production methods as it can provide hydrogen of high purity and its production process is easily adjustable and  pollution-free.

The use of wind, solar, nuclear power generation to produce hydrogen is currently the cleanest way to obtain energy.

The 3D hydrogen cathode porous metal material we produce can be used in the electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen, with high efficiency and safe process.

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The use of wind, solar, nuclear power generation

Due to the existence of hydrogen evolution overpotential, the tank pressure and energy consumption increase in the process of water electrolysis, which leads to a great number of electric energy consumption in the production process.

In this regard, we provide a nickel-based polyporous alloy electrode by designing a suitable pore structure and increasing the surface roughness of the electrode to improve the real surface area of the electrode and hence creates more catalytically active sites which eventually improves the catalytic activity of the electrode. At the same time, the alloying of various elements on the electrode surface in conjunction with the electrocatalytic synergistic effect provide the alloy electrode with excellent catalytic hydrogen evolution activity.

Nickel Molybdenum Foam

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Manufacturing technique

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