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Nickel Foam

Continuous Nickel foam is a type of porous metal materials produced by using 3-dimensional open-porous polyurethane sponge as base material, followed by conductive treatment, electrodeposition of nickel, thermal decomposition and reduction techniques. Through our roll-to-roll continuous electrodeposition technique, we provide nickel foam with stable quality and consistency.

Nickel foam material has several different porosities (70% to 98%) and aperture (100u to 1000u). Among them, the through-hole presents a uniform 3-dimensional structure with porosity up to 98%. The through-hole rate can reach 99%, and it is almost a full-through-hole structure which provides Nickel foam a great internal transverse penetration effect and low flow resistance. With regard to working conditions, Nickel foam excels in terms of resistance to high temperature, cold and heat, and is suitable for use in the temperature range of 200 – 800℃.

Moreover, as it has great corrosion resistance, Nickel foam is suitable for usage in a variety of acid, alkali and other corrosive media, and hence is widely used in electrochemical cells and other engineering field.

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  • PPI:5-130ppi
  • thickness:0.1mm-10mm
  • porosity:95%-98%
  • through porosity:≥98%
  • volume density:0.1-1.0g/cm3

Applications fields of Nickel foam

  • Electrochemical cell: Nickel foam can be applied to the manufacture of Ni-MH batteries and Ni-Cd batteries which are widely usedin hybrid electric vehicles, cordless power tools, electronic digital products, etc.
  • Chemical engineering: Nickel foam can be used as catalyst carrier, filter medium, oil-water separator, oil-gas separator, diesel vehicle exhaust purifier, air filter, etc.
  • Electrochemical engineering: Nickel foam can be used for hydrogen generation by water electrolysis, electrocatalysis, electrochemical metallurgy, PCB electroplating, electroplating wastewater extraction and recycling of electronics, hardware, jewelry.
  • Functional materials: Nickel foam is an excellent energy absorption damping material and an ideal anti-noise material.
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