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Copper Foam

Copper foam is a new three-dimensional porous and multifunctional material with high porosity, large specific surface area, high specific strength, and a large number of connected or disconnected pores distributed uniformly in copper matrix. Copper foam is widely applied to electronics, medical, machinery, national defense, etc. due to its excellent mechanical properties, processing properties and the ability of having great electromagnetic shielding and noise reduction function while retaining its inherent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, ductility and alkali corrosion resistance.

Process & technique

Our high property copper foam is produced by using foaming sponge as base material with following conductive treatment, copper electrodeposition, and high temperature redox techniques. Our product has low electric resistance and excellent property with regard to heat conduction and dissipation, which made it suitable for applications in Ni-Zn and lithium battery plate, filtration, catalysts carrier, heat dissipation, damping, sound absorption, etc.

We provide several PPI, thickness and density for selection.

Tablet type and roll type available.

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Copper foam material has many appealing heat-mechanical properties such as light weight, high strength, high rigidity, high conductivity, high specific surface area, high permeability, low manufacturing cost, etc. Its unique three-dimensional through-hole structure has high permeability, strong heat transfer, heat dissipation capability, and good sound absorption performance

  • Porosity up to 99%
  • high permeability
  • low flow resistance

Copper Foam (1)

At present, copper foam is used more and more often in petrochemical, aerospace, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical energy storage and other fields. Applications include templates manufacturing, filtration, catalytic carriers, battery electrodes, heat dissipation, etc.

Copper Foam (2)

In view of the high permeability and high surface area of copper foam, it is generally applied to heat exchangers in commercial applications, adopting forced-convection heat transfer for heat exchange. Therefore, how to enhance the thermal conductivity of copper foam has become the focus of thermal design engineers. The two diagrams shown below present the flow line, fluid temperature distribution, and temperature distribution of copper foam under forced convective heat exchange of unstructured copper foam fins. It can be seen that the heat exchange efficiency between the foam copper fins of different structures is quite different.

Copper Foam (3)


  • High heat conductivity
  • Excellent sound-damping and magnetic-shielding performance
  • Excellent filtration performance
  • Excellent processing performance

Copper Foam 1 (2)


  • Rolled type
  • Tablet type
  • Block type

Special specifications

Product code PPI thickness(mm) Surface density(g/m2) porosity Size(mm)
CRH05-160-1000 160 0.5 180 >95% 1000

Copper Foam 1 (3)


Copper Foam 1 (5) 1. thickness:0.03-0.5mm
2. porosity:≥95%,90-130PPI
3. Surface density:180-500g/m2
Copper Foam 1 (4) 1. thickness:13mm
2. porosity:≥95%
3. Surface density:4000g/m2
Copper Foam 1 (7) 1. PPI:20ppi
2. thickness:20mm
3. Surface density:9000g/m2
Copper Foam 1 (6) 1. PPI:20ppi
2. thickness:13mm
3. Surface density:4000g/m2
Copper Foam 1 (8) 1. PPI:20ppi
2. Thickness:15mm
3. Surface density:4500g/m2
Copper Foam 1 (9) 1. PPI :20ppi
2. Thickness :6mm
3. Surface density:1500g/m2
Copper Foam 1 (11) 1. PPI:40ppi
2. thickness:20mm
3. Surface density:4000g/m2


1.Electrode materials

Cooper foam has excellent conductivity and therefore it can be widely used in electrode materials of new type batteries such as Ni-Zn battery, double-layer capacitor, etc. In regard to double-layer capacitor, using copper foam widely as collector is quite promising. Besides, employing copper foam as electrode materials for electrolytic recovery of copper waste water also has broad application prospects.

2. Catalysts

At present, many researchers are trying to use high specific surface area cooper foam directly as catalysts in replacement of punched copper plate in several organic chemical reactions. Other application of using copper foam as carrier of photocatalysts in air purification is also feasible.

3.Heat conduction materials

Copper foam is an excellent flame-retardant material due to its fine heat conduction property, which has already been applied to advanced firefighting equipment overseas, especially as a flame-insulation device. In conjunction with its apparent permeability, further application as heat dissipation motor and electrical appliance is also feasible.

4. Electromagnetic-shielding device

Copper has excellent electromagnetic-shielding performance close to silver which makes it a great electromagnetic shielding material.

5.Filtered materials

The structural characteristics of copper foam products are basically harmless to human body and hence it has been successfully applied to medical filter materials. Meanwhile, in relation to water purification equipment, copper foam also has broad application prospects.

6. Buffer fluid pressure materials

Copper foam has dispersion and buffering effect on fluids which makes it suitable for application in pressure release protection devices of several pressure gauge.

Specification and parameter table

Product code PPI thickness(mm) Surface density(g/m2) porosity Size(mm)
CRH05-160-1000 160 0.5 180 >95% 1000
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